“Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins has amazing advice for aspiring, female filmmakers

Are you an aspiring, female filmmaker looking to break into directing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins — who clearly knows a thing or two or, well, basically a ton — has some advice that you should definitely heed.

HelloGiggles asked what she would say to young women in film school, who are being told they can’t direct what they want to or the way they want to — and also picked her brain about what steps female filmmakers can take to break into directing. She got very real about financing.

So, listen up.

"Use common sense, be reasonable, professional, and respectful of the limitations on all financial things — i.e. there are lots of non-gender based beliefs about what is worth gambling other people's money with and no one is above that," she wrote to HelloGiggles in an email.

She also spoke to the importance of confidence.

"But from there, as long as YOU are confident in what you are doing, how you are doing it, and how it will earn its keep financially — don’t think about being a woman. And don’t accept no, even if you are alone in seeing the plan to where you want to get to. If you have a plan you believe you can pull off, just go for that."

Not only did Wonder Woman shatter the opening box-office record for a female-directed movie, but the film is also critical smash that’s proven inspiring to many, especially women. All that’s to say, you should do yourself a favor and follow Jenkins’ words of wisdom because, hello, she rocks.

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