Gal Gadot has commented on “Wonder Woman’s” Oscar snub, and it’s the most beautiful, gracious thing you’ll ever read

In the wake of the 2018 Oscar nominations, fans and critics alike were surprised to see Wonder Woman completely shut out. While nominations for Best Picture and Best Directorwere arguably long-shots for Wonder Woman, the film was expected to be nominated in at least one or two of the technical categories.

But despite the major snub, Gal Gadot isn’t too disappointed. When asked about it by Entertainment Tonight while on the red carpet at Revlon’s Live Boldly Campaign event, the actress had a very graceful response. She revealed that while the Wonder Woman cast and crew didn’t make the film for the awards, she was touched by fans who really wanted to see the film nominated.

“I was very moved and touched by the people who were disappointed that Wonder Woman wasn’t nominated, but we certainly never did the movie for that, she said. “I think that you can’t have it all. We’ve done this movie and it was received in such an amazing, wonderful way, and we want to stay humble and grateful, and we’re going to have another movie, so who knows? Maybe the next one!

Our fingers are certainly crossed for that!

The film, which was released last June, quickly became one of the biggest — and most critically acclaimed — movies of the summer. The film has also been seen as a a major bright spot in the DC Extended Universe, which has largely struggled to compete with the commercial and critical success of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

But instead of dwelling on the lack of nominations, Gadot is looking ahead to the second film, which is set to hit theaters in late 2019. Gadot will reprise her role as the title superhero, and Patty Jenkins will return to direct. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gadot was relatively mum about what to expect from Wonder Woman 2, but she expressed excitement to be able to continue to explore a character not often depicted on-screen.

"Other than the wonderful work Lynda Carter did in the TV show this character was never really told on the big screen," Gadot said. "We just see her origin story. But there’s so much to explore with this character who has 75 years of legacy, there’s so much material and so many ways and I’m psyched about it."

We love Gadot’s elegant response to the Oscar snubs, and can’t wait to see her reprise her role in Wonder Woman 2.

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