Hop in your invisible jet, because there’s a Wonder Woman-themed makeup collection at Walgreens

We are living in the prime time to be alive if you’re a makeup junkie who loves superheroes, and it may have just improved even more. If you’ve been craving a lipstick that inspires supernatural abilities, the new Wonder Woman makeup collection at Walgreens may be exactly what the planets have in store for you.

The brand new makeup collection includes a variety of lipsticks and eyeshadows that are ideal for anyone looking to whip out their Lasso of Truth, jump on an invisible jet, and get into fights with monsters. In order to wage war on injustice, we need the right war paint. Now, we just might finally have it.

We can only assume this makeup withstands the harsh elements of good and evil.

The full collection is sold in Walgreens stores only (no online shopping this time, boo). It includes three lipsticks, three lip glosses, two eyeshadow palettes, four makeup bags, and a face and eye kit.

The lipsticks include Modern Age, Heroine, and Amazonian Red. The three lip gloss shades are Wonder Woman, Athena’s Kiss, and Mighty Aphrodite. Bonus! There’s also a Strawberry Empower-mint Lip Balm!

The eyeshadow palettes feature the equally punning names of Paradise Eye-land and An Eye For Justice.

We’re going to need an Invisible Plane to direct us to the nearest Walgreens so we can stock up on this collection!

You can buy the full collection, or buy the pieces individually. The pricing is decided in-store, so you’ll have to check out your nearest Walgreens to see what you can swing!

Sometimes we just need to hop onto a roof, do a little flying, and let the world know that we are full of power.

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