“Wonder Woman” made me bawl hysterically, and that’s exactly why you should see it

I’ve seen enough movies in my life to know what makes me cry, and usually it’s just whenever the dog dies. However, lately, I’ve realized that I cry at a lot more things now, because of hormones or something. Before, when I used to go into movies, I rarely shed a tear. But now, every movie I go into it assuming that I’ll cry at least ONCE. Hey, I cried at Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and no, I’m not proud of that.

I went into Wonder Woman knowing that I’d cry at least once. Superhero movies make me cry, this is a documented fact. However, I did not expect to bawl hysterically during the movie. And not just like, here and there dab my eyes. I was crying roughly three minutes into the movie.

Oh did I say crying? I meant bawling.

Rather than list off all the times I cried during the movie, it’s easier just to tell you the one scene I didn’t cry — it’s when Diana Prince is trying on dresses. For the other 120 minutes? Tears streaming down my face.

The easiest way for me to classify Wonder Woman is to call it a feel-good movie. But not like THAT kind of feel-good movie. Watching Wonder Woman I just felt good — even though I was nothing more than a viewer in the audience, I felt empowered, and strong, and like I *too* could make a difference, and furthermore, touched by everything Diana was doing onscreen. That’s what really moved me to tears. I was suddenly so overcome with emotions that the only way for me to let them all out was to cry. (…As quietly as I could, but thankfully the movie was very loud and no one could hear me!!)

There was one scene that made me cry more than others, and it’s not a spoiler to talk about it since we see it in the trailers. It’s when Diana — ignoring the warnings from Steve Trevor — climbs out of the trenches and walks straight into battle.


Diana, armed only with her shield, her sword, her lasso, and her strength, crosses straight into enemy fire all alone. I started crying before Diana had even climbed out of the war trench. As soon as she deflected her first bullet, I LOST IT. She wasn’t doing this because she knew she was the strongest person to take the fire; she was doing this because it was in her nature to do it, and there was never a question she wasn’t going to.


Also, just the scene of a lady, all alone on a battlefield in a skirt, deflecting bullets with her hair waving in the wind, was a very powerful scene. We’ve never seen something like that before — a perfect depiction of what it means to be strong and beautiful (both inside and out) — and I couldn’t help but just feel HAPPY. Can this be the new norm?

Scratch that, let’s make this the new norm. Even if it means I’m going to truly cry during every movie from here on out until the end of time.

Go see Wonder Woman.