Slow clap: “Wonder Woman” is officially the highest-grossing movie in the DCEU

Wonder Woman is seriously the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the movie we all need. It made us simultaneously cheer and bawl hysterically. And it looks like Warner Brothers underestimated its success. The movie has only been out for a month, and it is already a fan favorite the world over.

Everything about it is spot on, from Gal Gadot’s awesome interpretation of Wonder Woman to Patty Jenkins’ incredible directing. As a result, the film is sealed as an instant classic. But that’s just the beginning. Turns out, the good news just keeps on coming, and Wonder Woman just hit an incredible milestone.

Wonder Woman just became the highest grossing movie domestically in the DCEU!

This just confirms what we already knew: No one can beat Wonder Woman!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the filmjust grossed $334.9 million. This puts it past top earner Batman v. Superman. To fans, this makes perfect sense. Wonder Woman is a classic superhero who has been in comics since the forties. Needless to say, she’s an iconic character who has endured for decades.

Wonder Woman is just as well-recognized as Batman and Superman, who have had countless interpretations of their stories. She was even an honorary ambassador to the UN for a little while.

So it’s about time she got her own summer blockbuster film!

Hopefully, this news means that studios are listening. Superhero movies with female leads are not only worth making, they’re also profitable. So let’s hope this not only ensures the future of a sequel, but paves the other way for other female superhero films as well. Since women are half of the movie-watching population, it only makes sense that our comic book heroes make it to the silver screen as well.

Girl power!