Channel your inner Wonder Woman with these nail wraps inspired by the iconic superhero

If you’re as excited about the new Wonder Woman movie as we are, you’ll love these nail wraps inspired by the iconic superhero.

Jamberry can’t and won’t stop bringing the best of design and pop culture to your fingertips. They’ve wrapped our digits in Disney looks, sports team logos, holiday themes, and zodiac-inspired designs, to name a few.

After waiting basically our entire lives for this, the story of the Amazon warrior princess is finally hitting the big screen. Thanks to Jamberry, you can celebrate the film’s release with some easy-to-DIY nail wraps inspired by the DC Comics heroine.

Feast your eyes on these babies.


The feminist icon has undergone many reimaginings over the years. (Remember when she got pants?) These designs are retro-inspired, spanning the badass babe’s golden age lewks until now. The wraps are available in nine different designs, and one is available in junior sizes.

Demigoddess, $18


Make your nails worthy of worship.

Amazing Amazon, $18


A classic mid-20th-Century red.

Amazonian Warrior, $18


Goes great with your gauntlets.

Strength and Wonder, $18


An inspiring update.

Save the World, $18


This design is called “Save the World,” and if anyone can do that, it’s Princess Diana of Themyscira!

Metallic Icon, $18


If you’re not the red and blue type, these gold-on-black beauties might be up your alley.

Stars of Justice, $18


They won’t know what hit ’em.

Stars of Wonder, $18


The glitter stripes have us seeing stars.

Indestructible, $18


Get your hands on the Jamberry Wonder Woman Collection ($18 per sheet) on or from your local Jamberry consultant.

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