The Wonder Woman honest trailer is here to remind us that the DCEU doesn’t deserve Diana

If you haven’t yet discovered Honest Trailers, go, go right now, and watch every single one of them. The wildly successful YouTube channel recuts movie trailers, adding snarky, brutally honest commentary about what you can really expect from the film. And while their most recent take on Wonder Woman definitely isn’t lacking in the snark department, it also nails exactly why the film will forever be legendary, feminist gold.

Basically, to start, Honest Trailers points out that the D.C. Extended Universe (DCEU for short) hasn’t done the best job of producing female-driven superhero films. Yes, there was Catwoman…but that one was…ermmmm, super weird. And not in a fun way.

DCEU also gave us Superwoman and Elektra, but neither managed to create a thoughtful, realistic, and dynamic story – nor did it give us a female superhero we could really get behind. Despite, of course, some pretty cool action.

Enter Diana  – the badass, flawed, brave, lovable heroine that DCEU kinda didn’t deserve but got anyway. Or, in the words of Honest Trailers:

"Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question: what if a female-led superhero movie wasn't absolute garbage from beginning to end?"

The recut trailer also gives major snaps for repurposing the typical damsel-in-distress character and casting Chris Pine instead. It was definitely, definitely a super refreshing move. Diana saves him a lot…and when do you EVER see a woman rescue a man in action movies?? Plus, his character is cautious and serves as an emotional support system, two characteristics you rarely see in male action stars…or, dare I say, most male characters in general?

The Honest Trailer did have some qualms, though. Like the fact that Diana does not understand a lot of very basic things, like the words “secretary” and “marriage” (“You speak 100 languages. You know what ‘marriage’ means,” the narrator quipps). Oh, and also, the fact that all of the Amazons had a confusing range of accents…which is a fair enough criticism.

The moral of the story? Wonder Woman has flaws just like every other film. But DCEU should feel damned lucky that they got it.