Diana Prince is *all* of us trying on fancy clothes in this extended “Wonder Woman” scene

We can all relate to Wonder Woman in one way or another — whether it be her strong moral principles, or her unyielding desire to do good — but maybe none more so than when she’s trying on clothes.

Remember that scene in Wonder Woman, when Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor has taken her to Selfridge’s department store to get her out of her battle armor and into something more ~appropriate~ to wander around London? Turns out, there were a few more costume changes. But Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince still just doesn’t understand how you’re supposed to fight in a corset. And same.

In this exclusive deleted scene from the stellar Warner Bros. movie, we see that Diana actually tried on a few more outfits. And no, kitten heels and lacy gloves just aren’t her thing. Once again, same.

[tempo-video id=”5556633147001″ account=”4607804089001″]

With Etta Candy’s guidance, Diana tries and fails to find the perfect out-about-town ensemble. The look she gives Etta rounding the corner in her over-the-top dress is the same look many of us have probably given to a friend while trying on outrageous clothing. But hey, whatever corset doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

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