One of the Amazon Warriors from “Wonder Woman” just revealed the *most* difficult part of filming

Needless to say, Wonder Woman was everything we could have hoped for — and more. Lead actress Gal Gadot was amazing! Director Patty Jenkins knocked it out of the park! There’s just so much to love about this incredible film, and we continue love everything about it.

However just when we were fantasizing about how cool we’re all going to look dressed as Wonder Woman or one of the Amazon Warriors for Halloween, one resident of Themyscira brought up an incredibly valid point:

Those costumes. How does a fierce Amazon Warrior go to the bathroom in that outfit?

In an Instagram post, Amazon warrior Mayling Ng brings up this important issue. We seriously didn’t even think about how many layers the Amazons were really wearing — because, battle armor — and according to Ng this was actually the most difficult part of filming. Not the fighting, not the intense workouts, not the early morning calls. Rather, it was the simple act of trying to use the bathroom in battle armor.

We’re guessing bathroom breaks are incredibly common problem when you decide to put on a tight suit and fight crime. Honestly though, if anyone could handle fight sequences when having to secretly go to the bathroom, it would totally be Wonder Woman!

Ng also spills just how exactly the warriors kept their energy up: Coffee.

And most importantly, perfecting the #getoffmyislanddue face.

We really appreciate all these behind-the-scene peeks into Wonder Woman! The movie is currently in theaters, and we assume you’ve already seen it (and maybe even seen it twice).