This real-life Wonder Woman just crushed the American Ninja Warriors obstacle course

Guys, Wonder Woman is real. And we can see her performing real feats of human strength on television.

Stuntwoman Jessie Graff crushed it on the most recent American Ninja Warriors, completing the course which includes toping the fourteen-and-a-half foot wall. She already made a name for herself last year on the show when she beat the women’s record for going farthest in the competition, and this year — well, let’s just say we now believe in superheroes.

Graff’s had a long career impressing us with her athletic prowess: she’s appeared as a stuntwoman  Supergirl, Agents of SHIELDTransformers, Iron Man 2, X-Men: First Class, and much, much more. (Basically, if there’s a badass woman in it, chances are Jessie Graff is there.) So Graff is no stranger to wearing costumes. Yet, in this episode of American Ninja Warriors, where most contestants wear athletic gear, Graff completed the course dressed as Wonder Woman, gauntlets and all. As the announcers declared in awe, “She has a blazing pace going… She is the total package… This was amazing.” We have to agree. We can’t stop gaping.

Too impatient to wait for her next American Ninja Warriors appearance? For more images of Graff being a total badass (and to get inspired for your own workouts), just visit her Instagram:

We’re rooting for you, Jessie Graff!