Wonder Woman has an accent in the upcoming film, and the reason why makes total sense

The time has finally come for the greatest female superhero of all time to shine — and shine bright. Wonder Woman has finally found her place on the big screen, bringing along her Americana style, lasso of truth, and bulletproof bracelets with her. Not to mention her wit, charm, and accent! Yes, Wonder Woman has an accent!

Although we may think of her as an all-American protagonist, the superhero is actually an immigrant from the island of Themyscira, the home of the Amazons in Greek Mythology; so no duh she has an accent!

Although Gal Gadot hails from Israel and has an Israeli accent, the accent she uses in the film is different, and is supposed to sound like a Themysciran accent. While we hear the superhero speak with a more subdued accent in Batman vs Superman, it’s because the film takes place in 2016, while Wonder Woman takes place in 1914, when the character visits the outside world for the first time.

We love that the superheroine’s accent is something the film showcases. America is home to so many kinds of people, and showing how they all make the country more beautiful, not to mention safer (hello Wonder Woman!) is vital — especially now.

If this icon can defy the laws of physics, then she very well should be able to keep her accent!

We love that Gal Gadot is an immigrant playing an immigrant, and not only that but WONDER WOMAN! We’re hoping that this movie shatters everyone’s expectations and makes herstory!

Don’t forget to go and watch on June 2nd.

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