Now that you’ve seen “Wonder Woman,” it’s time to take it to the next level and see it in *4DX*

Wonder Woman is a movie that requires multiple viewings for a variety of reasons — mainly, the fact that it is SO GOOD and you should treat yourself to seeing it a second (or third, or fourth) time. But when it comes time to trek back to the theater for a repeat showing, why settle for just a *boring* Wonder Woman screening?

Just to be clear, no screening of Wonder Woman is actually “boring,” but you can take watching the movie to the extreme next level by seeing it in 4D.

Or, ahem, 4DX. X for extreme.

Think, 3D, but more than just 3D because it feels like you’re actually in the movie. That’s what it’s like seeing Wonder Woman in 4DX. When Diana gets knocked down? You feel knocked down, too — but only because the seat you’re sitting in movies and vibrates along with the actions…and you will actually get jostled around.

Is seeing Wonder Woman in 4DX some crazy cross between an actual movie and a Disneyland attraction? Sure is! But listen, it’s worth it.

I saw Wonder Woman opening night in a ~regular~ 2D setting. TBH, I am not a big fan of 3D, if only because I wear glasses and that can be an issue. But, the idea of seeing Wonder Woman in a completely immersive experience won me over. I had to try it. I also had to take Associate Editor Anna with me, because she hadn’t seen the movie yet. I tried to preface her for what was about to happen, but then again I kinda like dragging her into situations completely unknowingly. I don’t know if she hates this or loves it, but she hasn’t tried to stop me yet.

The actual movie in 4DX is completely the same  —you’re still seeing the same scenes. Oh, but there’s smoke, wind, strobe lights, and you will 100% get wet while sitting in the theater. You will really get wet. Trust me. When it rains in London, it rains in your Wonder Woman theater, so be prepared for that.

At times, the constant movement of the seats can be a little much, BUT, I think the movement actually curbed my crying a little bit. It was hard to bawl hysterically while you’re being tousled back and forth as if you’re also fighting the Germans, so I was thankful for that. However, it is hard to shovel popcorn in your face during the fight scenes, so keep that in mind.

The price of admission is a little steep (think, double your normal movie price + the cost of a large popcorn) but it’s worth it. You’ll be able to watch Wonder Woman so many times when it hits DVD and digital. It’s not ever day you can actually feel like you’re living it. I loved it the second time so much more, and Anna cried a whole lot (even though at times it felt like our theater seats were going to blast off into space).

4DX review: Two thumbs up ??.

You can find your closest 4DX theater right here, and happy watching!