Cinematic masterpiece “Wonder Woman” didn’t receive a SINGLE 2018 Oscars nomination

This morning, Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis announced the nominees for the 90th Annual Academy Awards, and while there are always snubs and surprises, nothing was quite as shocking as Wonder Woman being completely shut out of the awards show.

Wonder Woman was always a bit of a longshot for the major categories — as, let’s face it, superhero blockbusters generally don’t carry the prestige of the usual award season fare. But many thought it could possibly sneak in for a Best Picture nod, especially considering that other commercial hits like Dunkirk and Get Out scored numerous nods throughout award season. Fans had also hoped that Gal Gadot’s wonderfully earnest portrayal of the titular superhero and Patty Jenkins’ masterful directing would at least find them in contention for a Best Actress and Best Director nod, respectively.

But while the film’s chances in the major categories were always bleak at best, the real surprise came from the film receiving zero nominations in the technical categories.


Those categories — which include visual effects, costume design, sound editing, film editing, and sound mixing — generally show more love for blockbusters, so that’s where Wonder Woman really would have seen nominations. Instead, blockbusters like Star Wars: The Last JediBlade Runner 2049, Baby Driver, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and even Kong: Skull Island, received nominations in the various technical categories — alongside Oscars frontrunners like The Shape of Wateand Dunkirk. But it seems one superhero film was able to break through with a major nod as the gritty, acclaimed Logan picked up a surprise nomination in the best adapted screenplay category.

While there’s only so much that can be explained about why award season goes the way it goes, it seems there’s potentially one explanation for Wonder Woman‘s lack of nominations.

As much as we loved Wonder Woman and definitely consider it to be one of the best blockbusters of the year, it’s still a part of the still-very-much-struggling DC Extended Universe, which may have even hurt the film’s Oscars chances. Vulture and Deadline both pointed out that Justice League, which was released just a few months after Wonder Woman to “meh” reception at best, may have served as a dark cloud over the joyful Diana Prince solo film.

While it’s definitely disappointing that Wonder Woman didn’t get any love, we’re already starting the campaign to get Wonder Woman 2 the Oscars noms it (probably) deserves!

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