Patty Jenkins doesn’t want us to believe early “Wonder Woman 2” rumors – especially ones about Diana’s love life

We have (*sigh*) another two years to wait for Wonder Woman 2, but it’s impossible not to feel excited about it already — especially as early news comes out about the sequel. Patty Jenkins, naturally, has been keeping up with all things Wonder Woman 2, and she just warned against believing some *big* rumors.

Jenkins responded to an article that laid out details about Wonder Woman 2.

In November, Jenkins spoke withVariety’s Playback podcast about her plans for the sequel:

“It’s really still going to other values of hers, and a similar formula insofar as making a great, enjoyable fun movie but that ultimately in its third act turns some very big issues, and a very big experience that will aim to have slightly more weight and profundity than it has to have. Because that’s a formula that I really like, and I like the idea of taking somebody on a very solid, great journey but that arrives at a bigger question being answered.

“So it’s like that but because she is Wonder Woman and she’s here now and she’s fully developed, it’s got great fun from the start and great big superhero presence from the start, and is funny and a great love story again and a couple new unbelievable characters who I’m so excited about, who are very different than were in the last movie.”

Collider then published a piece speculating that, based on Jenkins’ comments, Wonder Woman 2 would see a new love story (#RIPSTEVE). (Other outlets made similar assumptions.)

Jenkins took to Twitter to vaguely warn everyone about misunderstanding her or making false assumptions in response.

Seeing as Wonder Woman 2 is one of the most-anticipated movies in the works — so, there are surely lots of secrets being kept — that’s as specific as she could get.

She chimed in with some kind words too.

Where does that leave us?

It’s possible that fans know even less about Wonder Woman 2 now than they did before. It’s also possible that the theories were correct, and Jenkins just didn’t want anything spoiled too early. Whatever the case, it seems we’ll have to wait a while for concrete details about Wonder Woman 2. We’re fine with prolonging the mystery, though!