Patty Jenkins will become the highest-paid female director with “Wonder Woman 2”

Grab your golden lassos, everybody, because Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is about to became the highest-paid female director ever, and we need to CELEBRATE.

According to Deadline, Jenkins is negotiating a record-breaking salary to direct Wonder Woman 2.

The film is set to be released on December 13th, 2019. And there’s no word yet on how much the director will make, but a studio source of the outlet’s said that they are “confident the deal will be reached soon.”

It’s really only fitting that Jenkins land a BIG deal with Warner Bros., considering the fact that Wonder Woman has brought in close to $800 million worldwide (and earned an incredible $103.2 million in its opening weekend alone). Those are record-breaking numbers themselves. Wonder Woman had the biggest opening for a film by a female director AND the best global earnings for a live-action film by a female director.

For Jenkins’ part, she’s incredibly surprised by the staggering box office numbers.

And she’s hopeful that other female directors will finally get to experience the very same successes.

"I'm stunned by the success of the film. But I'm also surprised how rare it's been," she said in an interview with Time. "I can't wait till enough women filmmakers have had a chance to make movies of this size and scale and those movies have been successful. There will still be conversation about smaller issues. But it will be nice that they can just be filmmakers making films."

Until that happens — and we hope it happens very soon! — we’ll be over here celebrating Jenkins’ success and eagerly awaiting any updates on the upcoming sequel.