“Wonder Woman 2” just got a new release date, and it’s coming SOON

No doubt about it: Wonder Woman lassoed viewers’ hearts this past summer, and the fierce warrior (Gal Gadot) is about to conquer the winter season as well in Justice League. After that, it will be a minute or two before Diana Prince makes it back onto the big screen, but we do have some good news from the wonderful world of Themyscira: The Wonder Woman 2 release date has been moved up by six weeks!

Wonder Woman 2 will arrive on November 1st, 2019, a month and a half ahead of schedule.

So holidays will come early for D.C. fans — just, oh, an agonizing two years from now. Interestingly enough, movie lovers might have another popular franchise to thank for that. Wonder Woman sequel was supposed to hit theaters on December 13th, 2019, but Lucasfilm recently moved back the release date of Star Wars: Episode IX. The latter was supposed to arrive in May 2019 with Colin Trevorrow slated to direct, but J.J. Abrams replaced him on the project. And with that change came a new release date: December 20th, 2019.

Warner Bros. seems to have anticipated — correctly — that Wonder Woman 2 opening the same weekend as a new Star Wars film would be a box-office risk. No matter how beloved the Wonder Woman series becomes, why release a movie against a Star Wars film if it can be avoided, right? Fortunately, they figured out a solution that everyone can get behind.

Because, like, who wouldn’t want to watch Wonder Woman 2 six weeks earlier than expected? EXACTLY.