After a magical Women’s March experience, here are some ways to keep the momentum going

After so much excitement and energy has been stirred up after the Women’s March, it’s important to consider what the next steps are. Showing up matters, but staying involved is just as important.

So now that we’ve made history and created one of the largest protests ever, we need to capitalize on that energy. Especially since so many people had incredibly moving and life-changing experiences throughout the march while meeting other inspiring women, it’s so important to let this be just the beginning.

The Women’s March page itself is also encouraging even more action.

They’ll post new action items every 10 days for 100 days. So you can constantly check in with new ideas there. Hopefully at least one of the action-items they encourage is more clever and cutting signs since that was definitely one of the highlights of marches everywhere.


1First and foremost, get informed about your local politicians.

It’s important to get informed about who represents you every level. Knowing where they stand on issues and how to get in touch with them is vital.

2Contact your representatives!

It’s appropriate that the first item the Women’s March movement suggests is to tell your representatives what matters to you. No matter what their party affiliation, your reps duty is to listen to the people who vote for them (and can vote against them). Take time to reach out regularly so they learn their constituents are knowledgable and passionate.

3Keep in touch with like-minded folks.

Remember, we’re all in this together. We all want a better world and a fair political system that represents what we believe in. Follow up on the contacts you’ve made and don’t be afraid to get out and meet more people in your community you can learn from and work with.

4Stay active, loud, and proud.

There’s no need to wait for another Women’s March to have your voice heard. You talk to your politicians – on all levels – on a regular basis. But you can also always organize another protest, march, or community meeting. Keeping informed and responsive is vital. And it will help hold all politicians accountable.

The amount of people attending the march was monumentally important. But it is what we do after the march that will change the world.

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