This tiny island in Scotland hosted their own small-but-mighty Women’s March

We’ve been seeing the images all day — of entire cities swallowed up by Women’s March protesters. As heartening as they are, the march isn’t only the provenance of those who live in major metropolitan areas.

Case in point: Scotland’s Isle of Eigg is only home to 87 people. Many of them turned out to show support for the Women’s March.

According to the Isle of Eigg’s Twitter, 30 people turned out to lend support for the many American women, men, and non-binary folks who marched yesterday. Like them, residents carried messages of solidarity for communities outside themselves and with our beleaguered planet.

That 30 make up about 30% of the Isle of Eigg’s total population. In comparison, Los Angeles’s Women’s March gathered a crowd of around 750,000 people out of a 2.884 million population — about 19.3%.

In comparison with the great final sum of Women’s March attendees, the Isle of Eigg’s participation is a tiny drop in a very big bucket. But it’s in these communities that active participation is most noticeable and, indeed, impactful. It’s easy to join in a swarm of people with whom you know you share common cause. It is a lot more divisive to stir things up in a smaller communities.

Which isn’t to say that everyone else on the Isle of Eigg was hostile to the demonstration! But for those who showed up, thank you.