Women are sharing empowered stories of “Why I March” on social media ahead of the women’s march on Washington

It’s only one week until the Women’s March on Washington takes place and we’re already feeling empowered. Women are sharing “Why I March” stories on social media ahead of the march and it’s so inspiring.

About a month ago, the organizers of Women’s March on Washington created their Instagram page and have been sharing women’s stories on why they plan to walk ever since.

The march itself takes place on January 21st, 2017, and although the walk itself is important, it’s the stories by women of America that we should pay attention to right now.

"I am marching because we really have to take a stand and ensure that the incoming administration speaks to the issues of everybody — especially women, and women of color," social architect Nantasha Williams said on Women's March's Instagram page.

“It’s important that we elevate our voices and we don’t wait, that we are out there early to make sure people know that we are not playing around, and that we will be monitoring what happens, consistently and constantly to ensure that a lot of the good things that we have received during the Obama administration remain,” she continued. “And also to make sure that other things that we didn’t get in the Obama administration, actually we see it come to pass.”

Williams isn’t the only woman speaking up and speaking out using the #WhyIMarch hashtag and a short video for inspiration.

“I march for justice and equality,” Ting Ting Cheng, a member of the Women’s March organization said in her video.

“If you ever want a job done, you ask a woman to do it. That’s why I march,” Sabrina Thompson said.

Other women have shared big notecards with their reason on it and they are just some of the fierce females that will be standing up for women’s rights next week.

See some of their inspirational words below:


The Women’s March will be taking place all over America, not just Washington! Just log onto the official site to see where you can watch and register.