Here’s how women with unicorn hair keep it magically maintained

Book those appointments, ladies! We got our hands on some awesome tips to keep our colored manes healthy and happy, and they could possibly work for a variety of hair types. Sita Abellan, Kristen Leanne and Tasha from Instagram have been giving us hair envy with their rainbow ringlets. And now with the help of Elle, we have have a handle on their hair routines, aka, everything we need to have colorful thriving tresses, too.

Instagram model and goddess Sita Abellan keeps her wildly dyed hair healthy by washing it every two days, and getting it trimmed religiously once a month. Oh, and lots and lots of Keratin treatments to keep her hair looking thick and bomb.

Talk about having unicorn hair envy…

Artic Fox creator and hair dyeing enthusiast Kristen Leanne has quite a few tips to keeping her colorful mane healthy and intact. For one, the beauty swears by dry shampoos and only washes her hair once a week.

Hair goals, for sure.

The glamazon also suggests to not condition your hair before dyeing it, and to never sleep with your dyed hair in a bun or ponytail at night.

Thick and natural doll NaturallyTash has always christened herself the Queen of Temp Hair Colors, and for good reason. She’s notorious for taking from one end of the color wheel to the other every week. And her full head of healthy hair proves that she’s doing something right.

Tash says that she uses kid shampoo to cleanse her mane because it’s super gentle. She also deep conditions after each wash, and uses Cantu products to keep her hair moisturized. Oh, and when her hair needs a break, but she still wants to rock color? The innovator uses eyeshadow to give her tips a little edge.

Perfect. Just…perfect.

She also discovered a way to lift her natural locs without using bleach! Just mix vitamin c pills with generic dandruff shampoo, and voila!

Healthy unicorn hair is totally possible. And we have these Instagram goddesses to thank for showing us this.