Women are sharing un-photoshopped pics of their thighs for an important reason

We’ve seen a lot of good come out of the body positive movement lately, and now there’s a new hashtag surfacing that’s tremendously adding to the affirmative dialogue. #ThighsForJeaux has been popping up all over the place after South African beauty named Mixo (Twitter handle @Mijueax) tweeted a photo of her beautiful, untouched thighs. It spread all the Internet like wildfire.

Mixo’s goal with her first picture was simply to celebrate her body, exactly the way it is, regardless of the (potentially damaging) trends that are out there at the moment, like showing off your thigh gap (not that there is anything wrong with one — but it’s worrying when women and men feel badly for being unable to achieve it). In an interview with Marie Claire South Africa, Mixo says she started #ThighsForJeaux because she wants women to feel comfortable with however their thighs look, big or small, gap or no gap.

“People are judged for showing their thighs, especially if their thighs are deemed imperfect by societal standards. I wanted to use the hashtag to [problematize] these attitudes towards our bodies.”


Naturally, people fell in love with Mixo’s body positive message and they joined in on the conversation. Women are posting pictures of their own lovely thighs, using the #ThighsForJeaux and encouraging everyone to keep up the positive vibes.



It’s such a beautiful thing to see in a world where pretty much everything is photoshopped. In these pictures, there’s no retouching, not even any filters added — it’s just gorgeous women and their perfect thighs.

What are you waiting for? Join in on the movement and Mixo what your thighs are up to these days.

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