Women are sharing some deeply personal stories of assault with each other in solidarity after Trump’s hurtful comments

Trigger warning for sexual assault, sexual language, and physical assault. Please do not read if you are sensitive to these issues.

Ever since Donald Trump’s “hot mic” comments were released this past week, shock and disgust has echoed throughout the nation. While many on social media responded to the explosive revelation, one Canadian writer, Kelly Oxford, decided to use this opportunity for something else.


Kelly started the hashtag #NotOkay for women to keep sharing their stories.



Oxford, who runs a popular twitter page, ingeniously used the social media platform as a safe and public space for women to share their deeply personal stories of assault in solidarity after Trump’s hurtful comments. Oxford herself shared five different stories of assault.

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The response to Kelly’s initial post was overwhelming, with thousands and thousands sharing their own stories of assault. Even the OP herself was shocked at the volume of responses.


While the stories shared with the #NotOkay hashtag are very upsetting, they’re also critically important. Donald Trump referred to his comments as “locker room banter,” and many others have come forward and said this is a normal example of how men talk in private.

The truth is, this level of objectification and open glorification of sexual assault by men in power has devastating, real impact in creating a rape culture that allows thousands of assaults to take place, and gives victims no safe space or recourse in most cases.

Thanks to Kelly Oxford, we can see the result of a mindset where grabbing women and forcing sexual attention on them is considered “normal.”

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