These women share what they wish they could say to Hillary Clinton, and, grab the tissues

With the election finally over, many people are currently experiencing a roller coaster of emotions — especially if your preferred candidate didn’t win.

Millions of Americans supported the fight for the first female president, and Cosmo just released a powerful video featuring women sharing what they wish they could say to Hillary Clinton.

Since winning the popular vote and her powerful concession speech, Clinton has been at the forefront of our minds. It’s great to see so many spirited women getting involved in politics and supporting a candidate they believe in, because she deserves to hear how meaningful her campaign was to them — and how the hope she’s given women (and men, and children) is opening hearts and minds in the best way.

"Thank you for reminding us that women will ALWAYS run the world."

"You are my hero. Thank you."

If we could share a few words with Hillary, we’d thank her for being such a gracious, compassionate, thoughtful, and inspiring leader.

This has been a historic campaign, and many of her actions have inspired women to conquer their dreams. She’s definitely made us stronger and fueled our ambition. And that’s no small thing!

Along with these women, we’re sending so much gratitude to Hillary Clinton.

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