These ladies were born before women had the right to vote, and now they’re voting for Hillary Clinton

No matter what side of the political rift you stand on, this presidential election has been a particularly tough one. The outcome of it will basically determine the future of our country and young people have been more involved than ever. In fact, earlier this week Chelsea Clinton herself spoke with us about her mother’s plans for helping women.

But it’s not young people alone who could change history.

There are women who were born before women could even vote who now plan on voting for the first female presidential nominee.

It all began with this post by the granddaughter of Estelle Schultz:

Estelle Schultz

The Facebook post received a huge response, and the granddaughter’s friend suggested that they should collect and publish stories similar to her Estelle’s. The two friends and feminists created the website “I Waited 96 Years!

Geraldine Emmett

In Geraldine’s words: “I am looking forward to the 1st Female U.S. President. I believe Hillary will do an excellent job as President not because she is a woman but because she is most qualified.”

Rose Rak

Rose said, “At first I was surprised to have a woman run for president. After listening to her, I really think that Hillary is sincere and she will be good for the country. I am hoping she will work for the working man. Even though I am not 96 yet, I think 95 years is long enough to wait.”

Sylvia Schulman

It’s true. We can be anything we want.

Alyse Laemmle

“I think Hillary Clinton is an outstanding human being. I am not voting for her because she is a woman, but because she is an outstanding human being,” said Alyse.

Alice Siegel

Alice said, “I have been voting for as long as I can remember, but it is unusually wonderful because this time we are voting for a lady candidate. She is so intelligent and has such wonderful experience. I can’t say how proud I am to get to vote for her. Also we have to have her win. You know why.”

Notice how these women all point out they aren’t just voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. They truly find her inspirational. To read about more of these amazing women, check out the I Waited 96 Years! website.