These women responded to body shaming in the best way

You know that moment where some jerk at school says something insulting to you about your body and your mind instantly fantasizes that you’re in the finale of an epic rap battle? In fantasy land, you ninja-chuck a comeback so brilliant that the crowd erupts into cheers, you drop the mic, throw your hands in the air, and collect your well-earned high-fives from the entire school. But, back in reality, what actually happened was your brain didn’t get the plan to your mouth in time, your bottom lip quivered and you mumbled “No… YOU wear my cat sweatshirt too much.” (Er, that could just be me.)

Point is, we’ve all been there. That stunning, stinging moment where some bully announces their dumb opinion about you, and its MEAN. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a second shot to have your Taylor Swift moment and tell them that no one cares what they think since all they’ll ever be is mean? Well, BuzzFeed did just that. They asked women respond to the first mean thing someone said about their bodies, and we think these ladies totally nailed it. Here are some of our favorites:

So, the next time someone says something mean to you about your body, know that it’s never too late to get the last word.

(Images via here.)

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