A group of women of all sizes recreated the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it was beautiful

ICYMI, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last week. And, as you may have guessed even if you didn’t watch it, the models were all thin. But a group of women of all sizes recreated the fashion show, reported BuzzFeed, and it was beautiful. In fact, BuzzFeed itself created this alt fashion show, and we are impressed. After all, this is ~real life~ and we should all embrace our bodies as they are, no matter what they look like.

It’s no secret that the official Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show models have similar body types (read: thin). Over the years, the lack of body diversity has not gone unnoticed, reported Teen Vogue. But, this new BuzzFeed fashion show can certainly aim to inspire change, amirite?!

In the video, before the women take to the runway, they talk about their bodies. Though some said they were hesitant to walk in front of a bunch of people wearing next to nothing, they wanted to promote body positivity. We support them 1000 percent and definitely congratulate them on a job very well done.

“It’s not about promoting one type of body, but making sure we’re promoting all types of different bodies, said one of the women, reported Teen Vogue. Exactly. Another said, “If you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that really matters.


Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.




Big ups to you, BuzzFeed, for your amended take on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and promoting body positivity. Here’s hoping we’ll keep on seeing and celebrating all body types in more and more fashion shows — and in advertising, in general — here on out.

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