A theater offered one women-only screening of “Wonder Woman,” and the internet had thoughts

We are very very VERY excited for the Wonder Woman movie. She’s one of our all-time favorite superheroes. The trailer looks phenom. And it’s a significant milestone for Hollywood and just Nerd World at large. After all, she’s the most iconic superheroine in comic book history and she’s finally getting her own blockbuster.

To celebrate this feminist milestone, the famed Alamo Drafthouse announced they would be presenting a women-only screening of Wonder Woman.

Yes, that meant admission for this screening would be limited to people who identify as women. It also meant that all staff that night would ALSO be limited to people who identify as women. All proceeds from the screening will go to Planned Parenthood. And the screening sold out in an hour, shout!

And the Alama Drafthouse definitely got some social media love from feminist fans:

Unfortunately, a small but vocal segment of the dude population went negative on the idea. Remember that men have dominated the film industry since, well, forever. Men see their gender fully represented all the time on screen. But ONE woman-only screening of a feminist milestone movie, ONE SCREENING, and we get a front row seat to Fragile Masculinity II: Electric Boogaloo.

Some of the tone-deaf responses included:

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And the rest of the internet had a field day with this:

But no one on Twitter was funnier about this backlash than the Alamo Drafthouse itself.


And they had a pitch-perfect response for their detractors:

Oh Alamo Drafthouse, we love you! And we hope you keep adding those Wonder Woman lady screenings, because we wanna come to one!

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