This clip of older women describing the sexism they faced as youths will make you seriously appreciate Hillary Clinton

Girl power is here to stay with this powerful clip of women telling their stories of what they weren’t able to do as young women, but hope to change with the result of the current political race.

Lena Dunham has always been vocal about her support of Hillary Clinton and her quest to become the first female president and now she’s sharing the stories of older women, who’ve been through a lot, to point out that although they might not have had power when they were young, women can now do anything and that’s why they are voting for Clinton.

Dunham shared a short clip from Emma Holly Jones’ short film on Instagram that talks all about what women couldn’t do in the past and what they were supposed to do, or be back in the day. Their inspiring tales show that they are voting for women and change.

"Women were homemakers, period," the first woman says in the video clip.

"We were really highly, highly congratulated if we could do embroidery," says another.

Another woman points out that all three of her brothers became doctors, but she was simply supposed to marry one! Every story is one of strength and perseverance and their lives are what young women today can use as a marker to see how far we’ve come.

For an even longer glimpse at Jones’ film, which was inspired by her partner’s 98-year-old grandmother reflecting on how excited she was to vote for a woman president, watch the three-minute version below.

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