Women and men *actually* agree on most interior design decisions, and more design facts you didn’t know

While designing your home is an intensely personal journey, when it comes down to it, people generally agree on basic interior design rules. Our most recent evidence of this comes from AreaRugs, which asked over 1,000 Americans to weigh in on their favorite (and least favorite) decor decisions.

The major findings? Whether talking about paintings or lighting fixtures, three is the magic number in terms of how many to hang. Also, men and women agree on a whopping 85 PERCENT of interior decor decisions. (Because remember, gender is a social construct and enforced by arbitrary “facts” like how girls inherently like pink while boys inherently like blue.)

Other interesting findings worth perusing:

Your curtains should be flush with the floor and hung high on the wall.


Rather than hang your curtains flush with the window, let them make a bold statement and cover most of the wall.

Don’t bother with chopping your cushions.


We’re not entirely sure where the trend of chopping pillows came from, but no, you don’t have to do it anymore.

When it comes to countertops, go dark.


When it comes down to granite vs. wood, granite comes out as a strong winner.

Hang your pictures, rather than lean them.


Apparently people aren’t really into picture ledges anymore.

When in doubt, group things in threes.


Count ’em…One, two, THREE.


Two’s a party, three’s a crowd (in a good way, in this case).

Placing the sofa away from the wall is a design faux pas of the past.


My grandma used to keep her sofa away from the walls. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

Pretty interesting, no? Granted, these are general statistics, and not do-or-die rules. Your personal preference is paramount. But if you’re caught between a tile and a hardwood, this study can definitely lend a helping hand. Happy decorating!