The amazing way two women who look exactly alike found each other

There was a long running subplot on How I Met Your Mother (miss you, HIMYM) where the gang was desperate to find all of their doppelgangers—and, because this is TV, they did.

But now think about that happening in real life. Let’s say you’re out and about and bump into someone who looks exactly like you without being related to you whatsoever. It sounds like something right out of a sitcom, but that’s what happened to Cordelia Roberts, from the U.K., and Ciara Murphy, from Ireland. Both of them are studying abroad at Bremen University in Germany, and they happen to look EXACTLY ALIKE.

The two girls told their story to Twin Strangers, a Facebook group that tries to find everyone’s doppelganger in the world. They both went abroad completely alone without any other friends, let alone anyone else from their school back home. As Ciara explains, people at the university started asking if she had gone abroad with a sister or a twin. Soon, she realized that everyone was talking about her and Cordelia.

At first, the two girls could see a resemblance, but didn’t think they looked exactly alike. It wasn’t until they started taking side-by-side pictures together that they realized they could pass as twins. Now around campus they’re known as “The Twins,” and while they might have gone abroad all alone, now they’ve found each other. Their friendship is the best part of this story—they have become inseparable since they joined forces.

Let’s chalk this up to complete fate, and if TV has taught us anything about doppelgangers, Cordelia and Ciara are two very lucky ladies to have finally met. You can check out their Twin Strangers video here, and now we’ve got to get to work on finding our own doppelgangers somewhere out there in the world.  (Images via YouTube/Twin Strangers)