Here’s what you need to know about women being drafted into the military

The Obama administration has made a huge decision regarding the ability for females to register freely for positions within the military. Yes, after a year of deliberation, the oval office has declared its support for allowing females to fill positions as they wish to, “including the most arduous combat posts” when defending our country and possibly seeing battle. Under current law, women are able to volunteer to serve in the military but are not required to register for the draft. So what does this mean for our country’s future, for the military, and for those of us at home who are happy to celebrate any and all smashed glass ceilings wherever we may find them?

Let’s digest this new bit of news piece by piece.

A huge part of what makes President Obama’s support so powerful is the step it takes toward a more equal future between genders. “As old barriers for military service are being removed, the administration supports — as a logical next step — women registering for the [military draft],” stated Ned Price, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council. Price spoke on President Obama’s behalf, insisting that the prez “believes women have ‘proven their mettle,’ including in Afghanistan and Iraq.” Once females can be recognized fully for their potential, the closer we are for seeing people for what they can achieve; and not their gender, orientation, color or religion.

Another aspect is the acknowledgement that a co-ed military is a stronger military. The White House “remains committed to an all-volunteer military — meaning women, like men, wouldn’t be forced to serve unless there were a national emergency like a major world war.” The conclusion about females in fatigues? “It just makes sense.

It’s been made clear that physical positions will not be altered in anyway regarding the genders of those who may fill them. Though this change in enrollment feels overdue, it cannot be implemented overnight. It is projected to take “up to three years to fully integrate women into all combat jobs,” and has already received major criticism, mainly from the right, who fear the opportunity is “coercing America’s daughters” into joining the draft and potentially seeing battle.

Though last time we checked, women are not easily coerced into doing that which we do not want to do. To those brave females who line up to sign up, who defend us and prove to our nation and to others that there is nothing a man can do that women cannot, we thank you. Bit by bit, we will close the gap of inequality.

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