This woman went through the most extreme physical transformation after she cut Coca-Cola out of her life

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know soda isn’t exactly GOOD for us, but sometimes we need an extreme case of soda causing serious damage to serve as a wake-up call to cut down on sugary drinks. Today, that extreme case comes  to us via 27-year-old UK woman Sarah Turner.

At one point Turner was in the throes of a grand love affair with Coca-Cola

“I was most definitely addicted to Coke. I could just drink it all day and not think about the effect it has on my body” Turner told the New York Post.

At the height of this love affair, Turner was consuming 4 liters of Coca-Cola a day. The problem was, the soft drink was having an adverse affect on her health. In her words, “I was always tired and had no energy to do anything.”

When she cut Coke out of her life, something dramatic happened. Turner, once 245 pounds, dropped about half her weight, and now weighs in at 126 pounds.

There was also an extreme shift in her energy levels.

“Now I can take my children out and run round in the park with them,” she said. “I have loads of energy. I love going out walking anywhere, whereas before I never did.”

Turner isn’t the only one in America who has loved soda with the fire of a thousand suns. As Medical Daily reports, the average American drinks about 57 gallons of soda per year. Unfortunately, the ingredients in soda can cause a wide range of health issues, including asthma, kidney issues, tooth decay, heart disease, and reproductive issues. It takes a shocking 20 minutes for your body to turn the sugar from soda into fat for storage. Here’s another freaky fact: children have an 80% increased chance of developing type 2 diabetes if they become regular soda drinkers.

So, if you needed an inspirational anecdote to serve as your impetus to cut back on those Cokes, let Turner’s tale be the story you use to turn down the soda drinking. As Turner (and science) tell it, not drinking soda regularly sounds pretty flipping great.


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