This is why women are getting crowns tattooed on their bodies

If you regularly use Instagram to discover new trends, we’re willing to bet you’ve noticed a significant upswing in the amount of women posting pictures of their crown tattoos. If so, you’re seeing the results of an amazing community created by blogger Constance Hall.

Constance, who runs the Instagram account @mrsconstancehall, is all about being a feminist role-model for fellow parents and really, women in general. Her posts are always genuine, inspiring, and she isn’t afraid to call society out on its messed up double standards or gender norms, either.

Her latest hit? Inspiring women to get “queen” crown tattoos, as reminders to themselves that they are queens, and should be treated as such.

Constance, who has a following of over 100,000 users on Instagram, has made such a mark with women that she is even coming out with her own book. That’s right: Constance is releasing her own book called “Like A Queen” and it’s all about female empowerment, relationships, body image, and parenting. It can basically serve as your guide to life.

And hey, who wouldn’t love Constance’s online presence? She is honest, open, and always offering support, love, and compassion to her followers and women in general. Her posts serve as a daily reminder that just like a queen, women everywhere are powerful, strong forces who deserve respect. What better message is there than that?

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