Women are calling Donald Trump’s office about their periods for an AMAZING reason

Well, we’ve certainly asked our mothers and BFFs for period advice, but we’ve never thought to call a politician. Thanks to the Facebook group and movement Periods for Pence, however, the tides (crimson) are a changing.

Women from all over the country are calling and tweeting Donald Trump to talk about their periods.

It all began when a restrictive abortion law passed earlier this year in Indiana that required the remains of a miscarried or aborted fetus to be buried or cremated. Indiana Governor Mike Pence, now Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate, supported the law. Women immediately began to call and tweet Governor Pence about their periods in protest, with gems including: false false false false

With Pence now on the Republican ticket, the movement has gone national. Hundreds of women from all over the United States have liked, shared, or commented on social media posts from the “Periods for Pence” push urging them to call the Trump campaign.

The woman organizing the social media movement says her goal is to “make sure that Pence is still getting our messages” — and that Trump does, too. As she told STAT:

The Indiana-based Periods for Pence organizer, who has remained anonymous due to fears regarding safety and employment, is now collaborating with a new social media push: “Tampons for Trump.”

It’s no surprise that women are horrified at the idea of Trump and Pence running the country. Last summer, Trump said that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” when she asked tough questions during a debate. And even abortion opponents were worried when Trump  suggested that women who still searched out abortions if the procedure were made illegal should face “some form of punishment.” (Later, Trump recanted that last statement.) Nonetheless, it’s clear to many that Trump and Pence might not consider women’s reproductive rights a priority… or important at all.

Luckily, Periods for Pence and Tampons for Trump have taken social media by storm: false false false false false false false false false

We applaud the women and men behind these movements, which use grassroots campaigns and humor to make a very effective point.

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