“Women Burning Things” is the new Tumblr that the world needs

It’s hard out here for a woman. Our bodies are constantly up for political debate; we still make less money to the man’s dollar; and we’re held to double-standards in basically all categories of life. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you just want to burn the whole world down from frustration; but lucky for us, writer Alex Bedder understands our feelings all too well. Recently, he launched Women Burning Things, a Tumblr of GIFs featuring, well, women burning things — and it’s the answer to all of our online-rage needs.

“I started collecting these GIFs to post when I would become significantly frustrated with something,” Bedder told HG. “Originally they all just sat in a folder on my desktop named ‘BURN IT DOWN’ and I’d just drag and drop whenever something outrageous was happening.”

“There was one day where I posted one after another in response to something, and then shared a screen shot of said folder when I was asked where they were all coming from,” he continued. “A friend immediately replied that it all sounded like a Tumblr, and I immediately thought yes.”

The next time someone trolls you on the Internet, Women Burning Things is just the place for you to find the perfect response. In the age where most arguments take place through screens, having an arsenal of GIFs has become a necessity — and Bedder’s Tumblr is fast becoming the holy grail. Its appeal is its surprising utility: When you want to set the web ablaze, a GIF of someone blowing up a car suddenly becomes surprisingly relatable.

When asked why Bedder decided to exclusively feature women, his answer was simple: “Men burning things down? Sure. Women burning things down? YES.” True to his words, there is something intoxicating about watching a woman setting things ablaze. It’s empowering in a way; taking a desire to “burn this whole place down” to its natural conclusion, without actually having to strike a match.

“Talking to friends about it they are pretty useful for venting your frustrations, and honestly when something as despicable as defunding Planned Parenthood happens I can’t think of anything more appropriate than Angela Bassett setting that car on fire in Waiting to Exhale as a response,” Bedder said.

We couldn’t agree more — plus, that’s probably one of the best GIFs of all time. When asked if he had a personal favorite of the bunch, however, Bedder’s answer was a different leading lady.

“Definitely Laura Dern burning it all down in Enlightened,” Bedder told HG. “It’s my favorite because I loved that show and her performance. Also the combination of the look of resolve on her face in one frame to disgust in the next. It really says I’m done.

For more pyro amazingness, you can follow (and submit!) to Women Burning Things on Tumblr. For more from Bedder, you can follow him on Twitter.

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