This study says women are better wine tasters because — plot twist — men are too emotional

Women have long been told that they are too emotional, making them inferior to men when it comes to getting things done. But as it turns out, it’s actually men who are the emotional ones. At least when it comes to ordering wine at a restaurant. Yep, a new study found that women are better wine tasters than men because men get too wrapped up, emotionally, in their wines and aren’t as good at differentiating the taste and smell of them. Is it bad that we’re really enjoying this? It’s just too good, especially after years of being socialized to think that it’s women who can’t handle their feelings (or their liquor).

The study, published in the scientific journal Food Quality and Preference, asked 208 volunteers to blindly taste six wines — two whites, one rosé, and three reds. They asked participants how they felt about the wine’s profile and found that in both men and women, “fruity and floral blends tended to inspire positive emotions, while licorice, clove, and vanilla notes inspired negative or neutral emotions,” according to Science Direct. Dr. Caroline Chaya of the Technical University of Madrid, who led the study, told The Telegraph,

“In general, men reported higher scores on significant emotions than women for all the wines. But women, although they gave generally lower ratings than men, reported greater differences between the wines.

Basically, men are too emotional to be good at tasting wine, so the next time you’re ordering a bottle make sure one of the women at the table taste-tests it first.

Sadly, although men had more emotional responses to wines, they were less able to describe those emotions than women were. Because the patriarchy hurts everyone, men are taught that being emotional is more of a female trait and aren’t taught how to talk about their emotions. So while it’s kind of hilarious to learn that women are scientifically better than men at something, it’s good to remember that being able to talk about your feelings is something all genders should work on. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing.

What is a bad thing is that women, despite being better at wine tasting than men, still aren’t a driving force in the beverage industry. This isn’t the first study that suggests women are better at wine tasting than men, either: previous studies have found that women have a better sense of taste and smell than men do, which would make them better at wine tasting.

This is pretty ironic, given that the wine industry is male-centric and tough for a female to break into. Last year, only one in 13 women were inducted into the Court of Master Sommeliers. There are more women making a name for themselves in the wine and spirit world, according to Wine Enthusiast, but it’s still very much a man’s world. Hopefully, all that will change soon enough. You can’t fight science, you know?

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