This politician thinks women are too “weak” and “small” to earn equal pay, and umm, what?

If you ever start to think, “Oh, people aren’t all that sexist anymore,” shake that feeling right off. Because it is still very much a man’s world. Not just in America, either, but all over the place.

Take this week for example: a Polish politician said women are too weak to earn equal pay.

Like, what? What does that even mean? That we can’t lift up stacks of cash and bring ’em to the bank, because we know that’s what we’re trying to do ALL THE TIME. Janus Korwin-Mikke, the Polish representative in European Parliament, who also thinks that Poland should pull out from the European Union, said during a gender wage gap debate among EU members:

“Of course women must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent, they must earn less, that’s all."

The 74-year-old cited evidence such as the fact that there are no women among the top physicists or chess players in Poland. We all know that has nothing to do with female intelligence or ability, right? This is basically just screaming that there are no women in the room after you put a sign on the door that says “NO WOMEN ALLOWED” and a bouncer to enforce it. It’s small minds like this guy’s that keep women out of certain industries. Even chess.

Luckily, he wasn’t quite getting away with it. Feminist hero and Spanish parliamentarian Iratxe Garcia Perez makes a face throughout his BS explanation and then stands up.

“I know you’re very upset and very concerned about the fact we women can represent citizens on an equal footing with you. I think I need to defend European women against men like you.”

Thank you, Iratxe Garcia Perez, on behalf all women who would not have been as eloquent while under attack like that. She seriously takes him on.

This guy is a real whacko. He’s been fined for using racist language at meetings and has referred to black people using the N-word. He also doesn’t understand how sex works. Once, he actually said that women are influenced by the men they sleep with because “semen penetrates tissue.” There are no words.

What’s sad — sadder than the fact that he believes women are inferior almost — is that this nut who doesn’t even understand basic biology is allowed to have a job in European Parliament and make decisions for people. Seriously, how does the semen get into our brains? And if it DOES, then wouldn’t the men we sleep us make us smart, if men are smarter? It’s gotta be one or the other, bro.