Women are “chinning” in pictures to fight “perfect” Insta feeds

Move over duck-face pic. A new Instagram trend is sweeping the world. Women are “chinning” in Instagram pictures to fight the curated perfection we see on social media.

The new sensation started with Instagrammer Michelle Liu. Liu dedicated an entire Instagram account — @chinventures — to post pictures from her world travels. She flaunts a double chin and flared nostrils in front of picturesque backdrops in order to remind her followers not to take themselves or their “image” too seriously.

Liu talked to Mic.com and informed the site that she has been "chinning" for years. "My chinning entertained my friends all through middle school, high school and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world," she said in an email interview.

The @chinventures Instagram account was started in September 2016, and so far has garnered over 8,000 followers. People love the chin(s)!

And Liu has chinned pretty much everywhere.

And “chinning” has taken Instagram by storm.


Liu — or, “Chin-chelle” as she signed her email to Mic.com — hopes to become “chinsta-famous.” And we have no doubt she’ll achieve that goal.

In fact, we think Chin-chelle is on her way to becoming a chin-ternational sensation.

And in all seriousness, we adore any and every effort to dismantle the unrealistic beauty and body ideals that social media all-too-often perpetuates. It can be easy to forget that much of what we see on platforms like Instagram have been carefully lit, arranged, and posed, making us think our natural, normal bodies are flawed.

Michelle, we applaud you. Keeping chinning forever!

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