When a guy told her to lose weight, she gave the BEST response. It’s totally going viral.

Meet Christina Topacio. She’s a YouTuber, the marketing director of BeautyCon LA, and a fabulous fashion blogger. In fact, she has her own super cool blog, Profresh Style, which she started in 2008.

Oh, and if you check out her Instagram, you’ll find out that Christina is seriously the most stylish girl EVER. I mean, really:

Christina is obviously a goddess, and she certainly knows her way around social media. Unfortunately, social media can also bring about some haters (see also: men who think their opinion is *oh-so important*). . . and Christina learned that the hard way.

“So this just happened,” Christina tweeted. “I’ve never met this man in person but he sure felt comfortable enough to share.” Attached to the tweet were two screenshots of a Facebook conversation with a fan. He started off the conversation saying “Christina. . . can I tell you something that might make you never wanna talk to me again, but I wanna tell you anyways”. Good lord, when has a good conversation EVER started like that?

First, he compliments her (in a super creepy way). “I watch your snaps. I follow your pictures. . . . you are so beautiful. Your personality is hilarious. I can tell [you’re] witty. . . I would seriously consider dating you. Getting to know you. Everything.” Um, OK??

But, as you can imagine, that’s not where the conversation ends. “It f**king kills me to say this. . . [it’s] nothing you don’t already know. And [I’m] positive [you’ve] thought about it. And [I’m] only telling this because I want it to effect [sic] a change. You f**king need to lose weight. It kills me.”


There are so many things wrong with this dude’s so-called “advice,” we don’t even know where to start.

Instead of totally flipping out (as she likely felt the urge to), Christina dismissed him coolly, saying “Well your opinion is your own. Thanks for your feedback.” But good ol’ Bruno wasn’t about to stop there. “Ok [sic] maybe NEED is the wrong word. And maybe [I’m] a superficial a**hole. But [it’s] literally the ONLY reason I haven’t made something happen.” Oh, yes, as if she’d want anything to do with you. You’re such a treasure, Bruno.

“And maybe [I’m a self important [sic] jerk off [who’s] thinking my thoughts should matter. . .” he continued. Yes, yes, and yes. You are all of those things.

Luckily, Christina tweeted out the most perfect way to cap off the entire thing: she brought in the amazingness of Chipotle. “So guys, this was my response,” she tweeted:

BEST. RESPONSE. EVER. Did you stand up and clap? Because we totally did. She is our beautiful Chipotle queen, now and forever.

Christina has made it quite evident in prior Instagram posts, like the one below, that she is a strong advocate of loving your body just how it is:

YAAAS. Anyone, let alone a male stranger, making you feel any less for your outward appearance is totally unacceptable. This guy and his misogyny aren’t worth a second of anyone’s time. Let these haters roll off you, Christina, because you are absolutely perfect, inside and out. Thank you for teaching girls everywhere a valuable lesson.

Now, let’s all go get a burrito.

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