This 18-year-old pointed out a frustrating problem with jeans sizing, and every woman will relate

Almost every single person who’s ever gone shopping for jeans knows one eternal truth: You can be a completely different size depending on the store and brand. And it’s frustrating AF. Because you know what’s more annoying than trying on a ton of cuts and styles? Trying on a ton of cuts and styles in three different sizes because you have no idea which one will actually fit your body. A woman in Glasgow, Scotland, just posted about the relatable phenomenon—and it’s going viral.

On March 8th, Chloe Martin, 18, shared a photo of six different pairs of pants—all technically size 12—which were clearly different sizes. false

"Incase you’ve ever wondered why women get so frustrated with our clothing sizes - every pair of jeans pictured, is a size 12," she wrote.

As of March 15th, the tweet has almost 300,000 likes and has been retweeted over 120,000 times. Clearly, it resonates. In a March 15th interview with BuzzFeed News, Martin noted that she snapped the photo of her jeans after trying to find something to wear for a night out.

"There’s been no efforts to make the sizing more consistent for all, even though if it says a 12, I should be able to go into any shop and know that a 12 will fit me, if that’s my size, it’s careless and toxic for young people who may be insecure, and a lot of high street stores are targeted towards young women."

“I think they either need to change it to waist and leg length for more accurate measurements, or there needs to be set measurements for each size, because it seems as though there’s literally inches between some of my size 12 jeans,” she continued. 

And a ton of people can relate.


Inconsistent sizing is annoying at best and stressful to our psyches at worst. We don’t know if this problem will ever be solved in a satisfying way, but until then, at least we know we’re definitely not alone in our frustration.

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