This woman was casually recording her cats when one revealed itself to be some type of martial artist

If getting through that afternoon slump by watching a healthy dose of cat videos is wrong, we don’t want to be right. You just never know what tricks they’re going to pull out! But there’s one feline that has set the bar pretty high — a woman’s cat revealed itself to be a martial artist of some sort, and this particular cat video includes some pretty spectacular moves that you have to see to believe.

Twitter user sarahjorden_ was filming her cats (as one does), when one of them pulled off such an impressive, acrobatic spin that you’ll want to see on instant replay.

Check it out for yourself:

Yes, the cat is secretly a ninja and had been keeping its superpowers a secret. Here’s a look at the ninja cat’s face (bonus points for being adorable):

Cats do the darndest things — and then, because it’s 2017, they go viral and entertain the tired, weary masses with their moves.