The hilarious reason why everyone is staring at this woman’s outfit

Remember that iconic scene in Garden State when Zach Braff goes to a party and realizes his shirt is the exact same pattern as the wall and he has a very poignant, deep moment with himself? Well, that happened IRL three days ago. Except the young woman who was wearing the outfit didn’t take herself so very seriously.

All we know about this woman is that she goes by “beedat” on Imgur and that her amazing outfit perfectly matched the floor. Along with the photo of herself sprawled on the ground which she uploaded, she included the caption, “I walked into the room and realized the floor had chosen the same outfit.” We love this girl. And her outfit. And the floor.

The image, which has already been viewed over 2 million times, is pure optical illusion hilarity. And the comments are just as funny as the photo. Here are some of our favorites:

“‘well, one of us is going to have to change’ – floor” -ThatSpaceCowboii

“You must’ve been…floored!” – Christianabanana

“who wears it better?” -MukieK

“In Soviet Russia, the floor wears you” – epicstoic

“You really tied the room together” -thisheretexasdude

“Anti-social level: chameleon” – mythsnlore

“Nice gold and white dress you have.” -FreezeYourFrogNow

“I did it first” -Zach Braff*

*Not an actual comment

(Images via Imgur, via)