Every dog parent will understand this woman’s instructions for her pet sitter

There’s a reason we call our four-legged friends “fur babies.” For some of us, they’re literally our children. We treasure our pets and only want the best for them. And that’s exactly why we 100% understand the directions Elaine Diaz left to her pet sitter/nephew, Tommy, as he pup-sat her three-year-old Pomeranian, Pepper. 

Yes, they may seem extensive to the non-dog owner, but any pup mom or pup dad out there will understand the need to make sure your fur baby is getting the best care possible. After all, children need their routine. false

This whole list is fabulous. Not only is Pepper’s name printed in a font that’s both old-school and glamorous, but her tagline, “the most beautiful girl in the world,” also does wonders for her image.

Elaine’s list has dos — like to remember to take Pepper on daily walks, how to feed Pepper, and how to play with her — and it also has don’ts — such as kicking or abusing Pepper, yelling at her to stop barking, and letting her escape. But there’s one rule on the “don’t” list that stands above the rest:

“Don’t hate her cause you ain’t her.”


That’s how you do it. Don’t hate on Pepper just because she’s got it all. There’s no shame in knowing what you like (long walks) and what you don’t like (carbs).

Ultimately, we love the love between Elaine and Pepper, and we’re glad they’ll be reunited soon.


At least Pepper looks super happy in her pajamas. We’re glad she has a mom, and cousin, who clearly love her so much.