This woman’s hilarious Christmas card with pizza shows the power of true love

While we love seeing people’s cute holiday cards of their family, if you’re single it can be a little hard looking at all the things that you don’t have. That’s why this single woman decided to create a holiday card to her one true love: pizza.

Given that there’s only a week until Christmas, you might have already planned your holiday card and got your decorations and tree up. However, it’s never too late to add a bit of pizza to your life because pizza isn’t just for the rest of the year, it’s also for Christmas, too.

That’s why 28-year-old Sarah Collins decided that she’d break the mould and dedicate her holiday cards to the thing that she loves most.

Sarah decided that she wanted to pose for a photoshoot with the love of here slice, we mean life, and the results are completely hilarious. Sharing the photoshoot on Reddit, the pictures have us HOWLING with laughter.

Christmas card of a single woman from funny

The picture with the ultrasound is just TOO MUCH.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Sarah explained her reasoning behind the incredible photoshoot.

"I am single and most of my friends are married and have kids and give out cute Christmas cards each year, she said. "I wanted to show myself and my love this Christmas season.

Tbh Sarah, we feel you.

"I chose pizza because it’s always answers my calls, comforts me when I need it, and gives my stomach a warm hug," she continued. "I foresee that pizza and I will be together for a long time to come. Even if I find another love I believe that pizza and I will keep an open relationship.

Sarah, here’s to you and your pizza, a relationship built to last until the end of time. Happy holidays.

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