This woman’s chocolate and cheese sandwich incited the wrath of the internet

Thanks to social media inviting people to expose all their oddities, not a week goes by where someone doesn’t confound the entirety of the internet with a seemingly innocent post about something strange they enjoy eating. So, we have to ask: Have you ever tried a chocolate and cheese sandwich?

We’ll give you a moment to process that, but at least one woman has tried this hella weird sandwich, and here’s the kicker: She actually likes it and eats it on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, her decision to share her wacky sandwich creation with Twitter completely backfired: Most people expressed some variation of disgust at the suggestion of the chocolate/melted cheese/bread combo.

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According to Delish, Houda Serfag posted a pic of her chocolate and cheese sandwich online, and she appeared to be really excited about her meal.

"Hi twitter so heres [sic]my amazing choc and cheese invention which I'm eating as I tweet xx," she captioned the sandwich photo.


And things basically went downhill from there. false false

But at least one other person had Serfag’s back on #TeamChocAndCheese.

Despite the onslaught of virtual thumbs down for her strange culinary concoction, Serfag maintains her stance, insisting to Munchies that the chocolate and cheese snack is actually “an amazing combo.”

She also thinks the people “hating on her for it” shouldn’t knock the sandwich ’til they’ve tried the combo, which was inspired by — you guessed it — her love for chocolate and cheese.

Um, yeah…we’re still not sure about this. We absolutely love chocolate and cheese, but we think we’ll keep eating them separately for now. (That said, we wouldn’t say no if you happened to have one.)