This woman’s boss walked her down the aisle at her same-sex wedding when her father refused — and you NEED to watch the beautiful video

When Jennifer came out to her parents, they refused to accept her sexual orientation — and they definitely didn’t approve of her relationship with her now-wife, Sam. She was understandably worried about the reaction she’d receive from her boss and colleagues at HSBC Bank in Taiwan, but they responded in the best way possible. The part that’ll definitely bring tears to your eyes? Jennifer’s boss walked her down the aisle at her same sex wedding when her father would not.

When her boss, Li, offered to walk her down the aisle, Jennifer says both she and Sam broke down in tears because “we never thought we would make it this far.”

You need to stop everything you’re doing and watch their wedding video — just make sure you have tissues handy.

Although Tawian doesn’t currently recognize same sex marriages, the country is expected to approve a marriage equality bill by the end of the year, making them the first Asian nation legalize same sex unions.

Although their union is — for now — purely symbolic, Jennifer says that’s not what’s really important to her and Sam.

“This wedding is really for the [LGBTQ] community, she said. “We hope our action will encourage people and create respect among different communities.

Jennifer’s boss walking her down the aisle is one example of HSBC’s dedication to support its LGBTQ employees and the community as a whole.

“Having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our millions of customers in Hong Kong and which draws on a wide range of perspectives makes us better able to serve the whole community, HSBC spokesman Adam Harper told AFP.

All of HSBC’s efforts to support the LGBTQ community are admirable (take note, other corporations!) — but watching Jennifer walk down the aisle with Li is a beautiful display of what it looks like to be a true ally and supporter. When her family wasn’t there for her, someone else stepped in to make sure that Jennifer and Sam’s special day was as perfect as they deserved.

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