This hair stylist transformed this woman’s bald spot and created a gorgeous updo

Unwanted hair loss (whether due to stress or other medical conditions) can be truly traumatic for even the most confident among us. But one stylist is proving that even large bald spots can be covered quite beautifully — just check out this woman with a bald spot’s epic hair transformation.

For some people, hair is simply that stuff on our heads that grows and exists to keep us warm. But for many of us, hair is so much more than that — it acts as a security blanket of sorts, so losing our hair can be seriously distressing.

One Lebanese hair stylist gave his client an amazing hair makeover that you have to see to believe.

And it’s (thankfully) going viral.

Ghazi, the hairstylist, has one Instagram-positive motto: “No matter what ur hair problem we can fix it.” And he truly proves it with his recent video. In the video, Ghazi styles the front and top of his client’s locks with large Velcro rollers, while curling the back and adding clip-in extensions and foam inserts for volume. He then teases the hair at the front and the top to cover the bald spot, adding bobby pins to give his client a stunning loose, wavy chignon style.

[subheder]Here’s another of his amazing creations:[/subheader]

His hair transformations are all jaw-droppingly beautiful, but the first one featured above is resonating with Instagram followers, and for good reason. Most of us simply don’t feel like ourselves when we’re having a bad hair day or are experiencing the stress of thinning hair, and we love that Ghazi was able to work with this woman’s natural hair and create a beautiful work of art. #hairgoals to the max.