This woman wore a T-Rex suit to shovel snow, but it didn’t work out so well

A perplexing (yet entertaining) winter trend appears to be underway: people shoveling snow while wearing a T-Rex suit. After years of clearing walkways the old-fashioned way, these dinosaur suit-wearing, snow-shoveling folks have said to hell with being more boring than the task at hand. At least, that’s what we’re assuming because we honestly don’t have any other explanation for why this continues to happen. But it’s funny, so we just roll with it.

In the following YouTube clip, a woman dressed in a T-Rex suit spends about 30 seconds putting on a pair of comfortable-looking winter boots before waddling her way out onto a balcony where she attempts to shovel like an ordinary person not wearing an oversized dinosaur costume, but er, it doesn’t work out so well.

Getting through the door is an absolute struggle.

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Sadly, her dino suit is no match for the blizzard winds.

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If the T-Rex wasn’t extinct, it would facepalm at this sight.

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Initially, we thought this woman missed the memo that a paper-thin dinosaur costume DOES NOT qualify as a cold weather wardrobe staple to keep you warm, but obviously these dino antics aren’t about shoveling snow or keeping warm during a blizzard. Either, they’re an excuse to wear spare T-Rex suits from Halloweens past (which we kind of get), or these dino suit-donning folks are suffering at the hands of this dreadful winter weather and desperately want us to hear their cries.

Not to worry, though: We hear you! Why isn’t it spring already?!