This woman is wearing differently sized pants to prove something important about clothing and body image

Women across the country can all agree that shopping for new clothes can be a stressful ordeal. Trying to find deals during peak shopping times (like the holiday season) can be stressful enough, but what about trying to figure out your clothing size? With a combination of patriarchal body standards and the inconsistency of sizing, finding your right size can be an actual nightmare. But one woman is doing something creative to make a point about clothing sizes and body image by posing in differently-sized pants — that all fit.

Deena Shoemaker’s latest Facebook post is bringing an important message to the Internet. While she was organizing her closet, Deena realized that her pants came in a range of sizes — not just a typical one-size-fits-all.

She also found something interesting: Her size 6 pants fit exactly the same as her size-12 pants.

Deena spends a lot of time working with preteen and teenage girls, which is why this matters so much to her.

“I remembered all the times I’ve heard girls say they’re ‘fat’ because they went up a pant size, or talked about all the diets they’ve been on," she told the Huffington Post.

But she wanted to do more than just share words – she used Facebook to post a photo collage to really bring home the point of how size really is just a number, and not a marker for body image or self-worth.

Since then, the post has gone viral, reaching over 52,000 and shares. But Deena is just happy that the message is reaching those who need to hear it most.

Positive body image and self-worth are still touchy subjects for many people, and Deena is helping us continue the fight against negative body image.

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