This woman turned comments from her body-shaming internet trolls into art

It’s no secret that the internet can be a pretty negative place sometimes. But one woman turned body-shaming internet trolls into art, and her positive message is exactly what we needed to see today.

Refinery29 video producer Laura Delarato has faced her fair share of insidious internet comments, and she’s on a mission to provide representation for plus-size women in the media so that they can see themselves reflected in a positive way, lookin’ sexy as hell (as they should!).

Delarato debuted a short film on Refinery29 last month to promote the inclusion of plus-size women in advertising, and received a slew of nasty, hateful comments on her social media pages. The negative responses prompted Delarato to post the comments over photos of her body — turning negativity into art.

Called “The Comments Project,” Delarato highlights an array of commentary on her body, from those offering up “health advice” to pure objectification.

Delarato simply set out to show women and men that mainstream media is not reflective of the variety of beautiful people out there. She says, “As much as I’d like to think it’s 100% about my own brand of sexy, I know that this says something much larger: Clearly, people want to see more images of plus-size women in the mainstream media. They want to see more realistic representations, which includes sexy ones. Here’s hoping the media takes note.”

Delarato is also using the opportunity as a way to call out body-shamers, fetishists, and sexists.

She’s a total inspiration to all of us, and we can’t wait to see what else she’s got up her sleeve in the battle against internet trolls.

Check out the original video below:

More of this, please!

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